Here is how to make choux pastry the Bettys' way straight from the Harrogate tea rooms recipe card and Baking Secrets video

  • Easy


  • 130ml water
  • 130ml whole milk
  • pinch of caster sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 110g butter, cubed
  • 140g plain flour
  • 3 eggs (medium), beaten



To make the choux pastry:

1. Place the water, milk, sugar and salt together in a heavy based pan over a moderate heat. Add the butter and bring to the boil.

2. As the liquid comes up to the boil, remove from the heat and stir in all the flour in one go. Using a large spoon, beat quickly until all the flour is combined and a thick paste forms.

3. Return to the heat and cook for a further 1-2 minutes until the paste forms a cohesive ball, dries out and comes away from the sides of the pan.

4. Remove from the heat, place into a mixing bowl and allow it to cool slightly for a few minutes.

5. When cool,gradually add the egg a little at a time, beating after each addition. Continue until you get a dropping consistency and a stiff batter has formed (you may not need all of the egg).

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