Street food from across the North will make Fountains Abbey its home this June, thanks to the National Trust property’s first mini food festival.

New beer and street food festival – Beer and Bread – is a celebration of the Abbey’s food heritage and the two staples of the medieval monk’s diet.

The National Trust site has collaborated with Leeds Indie Food to create the event, which will take place on 15-16 and 22-23 June from 11am-5pm.

What is it?

Beer and street food festival

Beacon Burgers and Salt Beef will be serving up a selection of meaty treats.

The event will include food and drink from around the world, celebrating beer and bread in its many forms and it will take place beside Fountains Mill, the monastic home of beer and bread at Fountains Abbey.

There will be different stalls each weekend, offering visitors a chance to try many types of beer and bread plus lots of other foodie delights.

The family-friendly weekends will feature local street food, a local brewery and bakeries, as well as games in the orchard.

There’ll also be a chance to learn about the history of the Mill, take a tour of the ruined monastic brewhouse and bakehouse, and have a go with dough at a family friendly bread workshop – which is hosted by Café 164 and is priced at £10 per person.

Hayley Donaldson from Fountains Abbey said “Fountains Mill was originally a huge monastic watermill and granary, and is one of the only surviving in Europe.

“In the abbey’s heyday, the monks brewed 60 barrels of ale every 10 days. At a time when tea and coffee were unheard of and water was insanitary, ale was consumed with all meals.

“Today, we eat bread and drink beer for pleasure, and Yorkshire is full of bakeries, breweries and street food producers making bread and beer of all kinds.”

Simon Fogal, founder of Leeds Indie Food said: “Fountains Abbey is just an amazing location, with a history to match. And with its long history in the process of making beer and bread, Fountains Mill was the most perfect host for this event.

“We’re revving up for an exciting weekend celebrating the best local beer and bread and street food, against the inspirational backdrop of this World Heritage Site.”

The Bad Seed Brewery will be in attendance serving up their hand crafted, full flavour beers, including classic American IPAs and more interesting, traditional Yorkshire flavours like Rhubarb Crumble.

There will also a modern twist on the concept of ‘bread’ including delicious pastas and pizzas, burgers and burritos as well as sweet treats from Doh Hut, the winners of the British Street Food of the Year 2018.

Who’s going to be there?

Beer and street food festival

Doh’ Hunt will be offering up a selection of sweet treats at Beer & Bread

June 16-17

Bad Seed Brewery

NT Shop

Laynes Rarebit Grill and Espresso

The Pizza Bus

Doh Hut

Yorkshire Burrito

Sela Bar Cocktail Truck

Cafe 164

For Folk Sake Ice Cream

June 22-23

Bad Seed Brewery

NT Shop

Laynes Rarebit Grill and Espresso

Luigi Italian Street Food

Beacon Burgers and Salt Beef

Simply Wood Fired Pizza

Cafe 164

Froconut vegan ice-cream


Beer & Bread takes place within the property grounds and normal admission therefore applies. Entry to the event is free to National Trust members.

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