The lanes around Yorkshire are groaning with the scented blossoms of elderflower. But there is much more than just cordial to be made

You can always tell when summer is almost upon us as the hedgerows begin to sparkle with white as the delicate elderflowers burst into bloom. But these flowers are more than just a pretty sight – they are the lifeblood of liquid deli Demijohn as the team heads to the countryside to pick them in abundance just to ensure they have one of their bestselling products onto the shelves in plentiful supply.

110608-Demijohn-ElderflowerPickingYorkshire2011-2Elderflower Vinegar is a rare creation and epitomises the fresh, sweet smell of summer. Its delicate flavour is similar to the traditional elderflower cordial but is sharper and more exciting to taste. It can either be used as a stunning dressing for salads – good enough on its own or mixed with extra virgin olive oil – or it can be used as a cordial – mix one third vinegar with two thirds sparkling mineral water for a dramatic de-stress drink after a hard day. Priced at £1.90/100ml it is a must.

For two days the Demijohn team will head out to pick elderflowers in Yorkshire and Scotland for their delicious Elderflower Vinegar. They hope to collect enough to produce about 600 litres of Elderflower Vinegar, enough at least to partially satisfy an ever growing demand. They will be picking in Scotland at West Craigie Farm near Edinburgh and in Yorkshire at Collingham near Weatherby.

Mrs Sinclair, the creator of this fabulous vinegar struggles to pick enough elderflowers on her own to keep up with demand created by Demijohn customers. The valiant effort by the Demijohn team to overcome swathes of stinging nettles, brambles and inaccessible elderflower bushes to pick sacks of elderflowers means she will be very busy creating the vinegar.



Demijohn creator and owner Angus Ferguson says: “We have always been extremely passionate about the provenance of all our products since we started seven years ago, where they come from, who makes them and what with. Gathering elderflowers from the borders and hedgerows makes great sense as it is not only a great Summer activity, but is our way of ensuring a healthy supply of one of our bestselling products. Our Elderflower Vinegar is a really special and unique product. There are few, if any, people in Britain producing an elderflower vinegar to be sold. We are lucky to have Mrs Sinclair and her recipe!”

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