This week's metaphorical pub of the week trophy goes to 80 Days Bier Haus in Hull. Dave Lee went to sample this Hull hotspot.

When husband and wife team Andrew Murphy and Karla Wiseman-Murphy needed a location for their planned international beer emporium, they were fortunate that half of the premises of former Hull restaurant Boar’s Nest was available as the decor and intimate size fitted perfectly with what they had in mind

The resulting micro-bar 80 Days Bier Haus has a unique atmosphere where craft beers are served in a single room redolent of a backstreet boozer in Berlin or Budapest or (with jazz bubbling out of the speakers and an emphasis on distinctly cool, mis-matched furniture) 1930s Paris.

The 80 days part of the name is inspired by Phileas Fogg and his round the world trip as all of the beers have been selected from as many countries as Andrew and Karla have drunk in or would like to.

The menu includes drinks from Belgium, the US, Japan, Germany, the UK and some Trappist beers. They may not be cheap, but they are all served exactly as they would be in their country of origin, right down to a bespoke glass.

Space precludes any form of food beyond bowls of pretzels or peanuts but, as you’re on Princes Avenue, you can easily find somewhere to fill your face between artisan ales. There is also space out front for a few tables so summer nights can be spent watching life pass by.

Come winter, though, it’s going to be quite a crush in the bar as 80 Days has very swiftly become a favourite among regulars and anyone seeking a distinctly different drinking domain.

80 Days Bier Haus, 24 Princes Avenue, Hull; open Tuesday to Friday, 4-11.30pm, Saturday & Sunday, 2–11pm

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