The Mayflower has had its up and down but it's definitely turned a corner

The Mayflower, Austerfield
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The Mayflower – like so many pubs – has had a bit of an up and down existence over the past few decades, from doing quite well to being on its knees. It is a delight to report that it has very definitely turned a corner, because today, with a sympathetic makeover, it is not only a darned good pub, but it also offers some top notch grub as well.
It looks brushed up and nicely presented. Stylish without being over-embellished, it’s a warmly inviting little place, and our family party arrived en masse one evening to celebrate a birthday. The main dining space is behind the bar area, and there’s an ample but not overflowing menu and much of it is locally-sourced with a good blackboard selection, plus a respectable wine list. Rob Hudson is the patron/chef here, and Lou is the front of house lady – I’m not sure that she was around on the night of our visit, but she is to be complimented on running a brilliantly efficient ship (pun not intended) because the orders flowed effortlessly and her staff were unfailingly cheerful. It wasn’t a wine evening for me, so I paid attention to a couple of pints of Landlord, which seemed to go exceptionally well with my Yorkshire hot pot pie, but others of the party were enjoying reds and whites with evident relish. Not in the same glass, I must report. We are not Philistines. Well, not that much.
In short, a no nonsense, well-ordered, on the nail pub, with commendable restaurant attached. Rooms as well. Spot on.

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