Hull's newest micropub The Hed'on Inn is better than it sounds

The Hed'on Inn, Hedon
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So you’ve decided to open a micropub in Hedon, but what to call it? Clearly, whoever decided on the moniker The Hed’on Inn is also responsible for naming most of the hairdressers in the country. Puns like that don’t happen by accident.
Fortunately, the pub itself is far more agreeable than the sign out front. Converted from the storeroom of a former carpet shop by landlady Shirley Bamforth, it boasts room for 50 (which is quite big in micropub terms) and offers six hand-pulled ales and the same number of proper ciders, as well as various continental bottled beers, wines and spirits. The beer selection is generally sourced from Yorkshire brewers and updated on a one-barrel-at-a-time rotation, so there’s something new on virtually every day.
Sadly, with no kitchen, food is limited to crisps and nuts but there are plans to offer locally-made pork pies and other savouries soon. Punters are encouraged to bring in their own food.
The Minerva pub in Hull currently boasts the UK’s smallest snug, with one table for three people, but the Hed’on may well be the second smallest. The snug just about has room for two tables and may fit about eight people. Perhaps they should call Norris McWhirter.
It is already attracting a loyal following. Weekends have already become very busy and, once word gets around, the Hed’on may become as popular as other East Riding micropubs.
The Hed’on Inn, 7 Watmough Arcade, St Augustine’s Gate, Hedon, Hull. Tel: 01964 601100.

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