The Tiger Inn, North Newbald
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Though the Wolds Way actually passes just to the east of the village, North Newbald makes a very handy diversion for walkers. It lies 15 or so miles from the start of the walk in Hessle, so if you set off first thing, you should reach there by early afternoon – perfect for a pint and something to eat at the Tiger.
One of only two pubs remaining in North Newbald, the Tiger overlooks one of the prettiest village greens in the county. The traditional farmhouse pub dates from the 15th century, although the reason for its name has been lost in the mists of time.
A small two-room pub – a small snug and a bar that is just as snug as the snug – it offers three hand-pulled ales and a menu aimed squarely at the pub grub crowd but, with local ingredients and excellent value platefuls, no-one is complaining. Lamb shank with mint sauce and seasonal veg is highly recommended or if you’re in a rush you can pick up fish and chips to take away. There are specials most days and steak night once a week.
The bar features a log burning stove, a collection of walking sticks (for sale, should the walking prove harder than expected) and a mini library. The pub is also dog-friendly and there is the usual array of chuntering locals should you wish to start a conversation or a row.
The Tiger is the type of untouched by change, family-run affair that doesn’t seek new custom because it does perfectly well trading on those who are in the know. So now you know, there’s no reason not to go.

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