A good old fashioned boozer

The Barrel, Walkington
Welcome 80%
Drinks selection 60%
Atmosphere 80%
Prices 60%
70%Overall Score
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Even though there are two other, much larger, pubs in the village of Walkington, it’s the Barrel that all the locals gravitate toward. They may go to the Dog and Duck or the Ferguson Fawsitt for a bite to eat, but they then return to the Barrel for a warm by the fire and a crossed word with no-nonsense landlord Graham Ruston. Don’t tell anyone, but most of the staff from the other pubs also drink in the Barrel in their downtime.

The numerous badges from Beverley Racecourse (which is about two miles up the road) festooning the front of the bar are further testament to the esteem in which the pub is held. There must be a dozen places to drink nearer to the races, but people would rather make the effort to get the Barrel to celebrate or commiserate after a day at the gee-gees.

Walkington is a relatively affluent village a couple of miles to the west of Beverley but it’s testament to the ongoing popularity of The Barrel that it can prosper with two big rivals in the village, and with no parking, no beer garden, no food, no phone signal, no wi-fi and none of the usual pub staples such as a pool table or juke box. They have got a dartboard, mind.

The pub is a small, cosy, two-room affair. Each room has a marvellous log fire and there are images of ye olde Walkington on the walls. They’ve also been given awards for the real ales behind the bar and they have regular music and quiz nights. That’s about it, though. There really is nothing else to report apart from what a great little boozer it is. The popularity of the Barrel is down to keeping it basic, keeping it friendly and keeping it local. Simple as that.


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