Doncaster Market is thriving and so is The Queen

Pub of the Week: The Queen, Doncaster
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There are scores of old market towns in Yorkshire, and one thing is common to nearly all of them – around the area where traders assembled, you will find quite a few licensed premises. Well, times change, and many of the markets are no more. And, sadly, several of the adjacent pubs have disappeared as well.
The market in Doncaster, however, still thrives and there are still a few pubs serving thirsty shoppers. Indeed, one of them, closed for some while and then turned into a Polish restaurant, has reopened as a proper bar, The Queen.
The building that it occupies is a fine piece of urban Georgian architecture, with weathered brick and impressive fanlights. The Queen is setting its sights high. It will, apparently, soon be brewing its own ales, and a full menu is on the cards. At the moment though, it is a bar-only operation.
On the plus side, the staff are friendly, fun and engaging, the beers are beautifully kept, and the range of craft ales and ciders is impressive. There are lots of old-fashioned “Britannia” style chairs and tables, and two sets of long plush banquettes. The rest of the decor is, in a nutshell, ever so slightly but rather endearingly bonkers. It ranges from stripped wood and metal to heavy rock designs. On paper, it sounds revolting, but it is in fact quite amusing.
The Queen is finding its feet, finding a following, and finding its own particular sense of direction. If they could manage to get a few crisps and nuts in, it would be another step in the right direction…
The Queen, Sunny Bar, Doncaster, DN1. 01302 329726.

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