On the hunt for a good pub in Hessle Dave Lee checks out the Pourhouse

Pub of the Week: The Pourhouse
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It’s long been a puzzle why a town the size of Hessle doesn’t have a decent pub. With a population of around 15,000, you’d think that someone would have found a gap between the handful of bland chain pubs sprinkled around and opened somewhere with good booze and decent music and something passable to eat.
Well, change may be on the horizon. The Pourhouse has opened and is just the sort of independent micro-pub that could finally offer the discerning drinkers of Hessle somewhere to rest their Camra guide.
Until recently a charity shop, the Pourhouse is the brainchild of three friends – inexperienced in the art of catering – who have pooled their resources to open the kind of drinking den they would like to inhabit themselves.
They’re not doing a bad job, by the look of it. They’ve refitted to accommodate around 40 people in a bare brick walls atmosphere, got some trendy branding done and installed an impressive cellar and bar.
There are two hand-pulled ales, with half a dozen others on draft, as well as boxed ciders and continental beers in the fridge. There is also decent wifi, talk of music and theme nights and food is promised soon.
Hessle is a town with plenty of punters and all they need is somewhere other than the usual sticky carpet and lager pump places to gather. Should the Pourhouse keep itself different and find its niche, it could very quickly have claim to call itself Hessle’s only decent pub.
The Pourhouse, 55 Prestongate, Hessle, HU13 0RD.

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