Kaushy Patel’s Paneer tikka

This is a wonderfully aromatic dish. I once cooked it on a family picnic at Bolton Abbey – I remember other families nearby coming over to our barbeque, drawn by the wonderful scent. The unsalted fresh white cheese is fantastic with strong flavoursome sauces, and the yoghurt in the marinade starts to break down the paneer and the vegetables, allowing them to absorb even more flavour. I leave everything to infuse and marinate overnight – if you want to prepare and cook this on the same day, just make sure you allow at least eight hours marinating time. You will need 6 skewers, either metal or wooden, but remember to soak wooden ones before cooking so they don’t burn.

Orange panna cotta with rhubarb

Panna cotta is an Italian dessert but the forced rhubarb definitely gives it a Yorkshire twist! It is light, creamy and easy to make. Early season forced rhubarb is grown in the triangle that encompasses Wakefield, Morely and Rothewell in West Yorkshire. Originating in Siberia, rhubarb is well suited to the wet, cold, Yorkshire winters and is picked by candlelight as exposure to strong light will stop the growth.

Damson Sour

The idea of a “sour” is to use a strongly flavoured spirit, then add lemon juice to make it sour, but then balance with sugar if needed. To make the Damson Gin Mix 2.5L gin, 2kg damsons and 400g...

Simnel cake for Spring

Marzipan Covering: Pre heat the oven to 140C. Place the sugar and ground almonds in a bowl with 2 beaten eggs and mix. Add the almond essence and knead for a minute. The paste should become smooth and...