Gajar halva

Ramesh, the sous chef at Prashad, perfected our recipe for this classic Indian pudding with the help of my husband. The milk powder helps to thicken the dish and absorb any excess moisture from the carrots. If you’ve any left over, it will keep in the fridge in an airtight container for a couple of days – reheat it over a low heat or in the microwave or simply enjoy it cold – it’s delicious.

A punnet-full of ways to enjoy strawberries this season

The sun’s out, Wimbledon is on the television and so, of course, our thoughts turn to strawberries. Strawberry growers are predicting a £325 million record year of strawberry sales in 2015, beating a previous record of £275 million in 2014. Florence Knight is Head chef at Polpetto restaurant, culinary author and one of the most talked-about chefs in the UK. She is supporting UK berry growers by fronting their Taste of Summer campaign.

James Martin’s Asparagus & duck egg starter

I love duck’s eggs. They are larger than hen’s eggs, so need a few more minutes to cook. Hollandaise is a simple sauce that can go wrong very easily, but it needn’t with just a few rules: melt the butter, cool it, then add it to the eggs slowly.

Rhubarb & Ginger Jam Semifreddo

Here is our recipe for the simplest of desserts using forced or field Rhubarb Jam. Forced Rhubarb Jam provides subtle flavour and vibrant colour, whilst field Rhubarb, although not quite so pretty, will lend delightful sweet/sour balance to your Semifreddo.