Chocolate and sloe gin torte

An adult version of fridge cake. A rich cake to be served with coffee and whipped cream and so easy it’s perfect for impromptu parties and for freezing. De-frost thoroughly before serving.
Lemon posset

Lemon posset

Three ingredients and 10 minutes of your time is all it takes to make a tangy, refreshing lemon posset. A perfect summer dessert from our food writer Elaine Lemm.

Gajar halva

Ramesh, the sous chef at Prashad, perfected our recipe for this classic Indian pudding with the help of my husband. The milk powder helps to thicken the dish and absorb any excess moisture from the carrots. If you’ve any left over, it will keep in the fridge in an airtight container for a couple of days – reheat it over a low heat or in the microwave or simply enjoy it cold – it’s delicious.