When Nick Voakes’ partner  Laura McGowan was diagnosed with coeliac disease the pork pie experts set about creating a gluten and wheat free pork pie.

And now their efforts have been rewarded.

An excited crowd of nearly 300 ‘freefrom’ enthusiasts gathered at the Royal College of Physicians in Regents Park  to watch TV chef Antony Worrall Thompson award ‘Marble Mo’, the Oscar of “FreeFrom” food, to Laura  and Nick  of Voakes Free From for their Traditional Pork Pie.

The judges said of the gluten free pies which are made at Whixley in between Harrogate York: “A perfect pork pie! We just do not believe that it is both gluten free and dairy free! Just enough jelly. Perfect balance of meat & pastry. A classic.”

Voakes Free From accepting their award

The Voakes family has been making award-winning pork pies from their own-farmed pigs for over 25 years. But when r Laura was diagnosed with coeliac disease, the couple focused their expertise on creating a gluten & wheat-free pork pie, which would be indistinguishable from the classic ‘regular’ pies. Their freefrom pork pies are handcrafted in a dedicated gluten & wheat-free facility on the family pig farm in North Yorkshire. Voakes Free from were also highly commended for their gluten and dairy free Steak & Ale pie.

“Yet again – an amazing range of innovative and really excellent products’, said Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, director of the awards. ‘It is very hard these days to tell a ‘freefrom’ food from a non-freefrom food .No one would believe that it wasn’t just an excellent traditional pork pie!’

Nick Voakes, proud ward winner and director of Voakes Free From said ‘We feel so honoured to have won the Best Free From Food Trophy for our gluten and dairy free pork pie. As a small business, it’s great to be recognised within the industry and it certainly makes all the hard work worthwhile!’

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