The Michelin stars were out in Harrogate at the weekend giving guests a taste of the top

After a day enjoying everything that the BBC Good Food Show had to offer from the food producers of Yorkshire and beyond, 100 guests, including the godfather of Italian cooking Antonio Carluccio, were treated to a Michelin-starred Masterclass.

In the historic surrounds of Harrogate’s Royal Hall double Michelin starred chefs Tom Kerridge and Michel Roux Jnr cooked live on stage, hosted by celebrity chef Marcus Bean and sponsored by Lexus.

Kerridge, who had spoken to all 100 guests during a champagne reception individually, took to the stage he had been demonstrating on much of the day as part of the Good Food Show, to make his starter of Turnip and Horseradish Soup with Hand and Flowers Beef Jerky, Mead Jelly, and Rocket Oil.

“This is one of my favourites is on the menu and my restaurant the Hand and Flowers,” said Kerridge, who is literally half man he used to be having lost 12 stone in the last three years. He was also promoting his new book, The Dopamine Diet which espouses a low carbohydrate lifestyle.

“I don’t like the idea of diets,” he continued. “The first three words spell DIE, that can’t be good.” They key, he says, is to cut down on carbs but it might also have been helped by his giving up alcohol. He joked about the amount of lager he used to polish off after service.

After giving his masterclass, guests then got to taste the dish but this time prepared by the venue’s chefs.

“It is all about layering flavour in a soup as there is no where to hide,” he said and there was no shortage of flavour that was for sure.

All the dishes were paired perfectly with a wine from Hotel du Vin.

The main course wasn’t quite so faithfully reproduced on our table as it was on stage  by the two Michelin starred chef and lacked a little seasoning, it wasn’t helped by the lights which  made it a curious colour. But the diners seemed more than happy just to get the chance to meet their culinary idol as he visited each table for a relaxed chat and a smile.

The Rhubarb Trio (sour cream rhubarb squares, rhubarb & ginger syllabub, jellied rhubarb & vanilla soup) was a tasty dessert paired with a delicious Sauternes before tea and coffee and petit fours completed a tasty and enlightening evening.



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Catherine Scott is Associate Features Editor for Yorkshire Post Newspapers. A self-confessed foodie, she is also a judge of the Deliciousyorkshire/Yorkshire Post Taste Awards.

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