Top chef Stephanie Moon sums up what makes Yorkshire food so special

As a local chef I have been cooking in Yorkshire for over 15 years. Having trained in Yorkshire I travelled the world with my job for five years before coming back home. I enjoyed the travelling, it really opened my eyes to world cuisine but when you get homesick there is only one thing to do!

We have a big county with big food with lots to celebrate.

It is not all about posh nosh, there is a Pandora’s Box of food to discover in this green and pleasant land and Yorkshire chefs are proud of Yorkshire’s bounty!

What makes Yorkshire special is the fact we have such a wide range of produce from the Whitby crab boats collecting in the early hours, to the most remote moorland with Grouse and Partridge. From the fat lambs on the field to the outdoor reared pork chomping on its lunch. To the hearty Kale clinging on in all weathers, not forgetting the delicate asparagus and blushing strawberries – we are spoilt! As Chef consultant at Rudding Park we are really spoilt as -The Kitchen Garden is starting to burst into life and lush salads and delicate herbs are right on time, it is time to get creative.

Creativity is something our county is well known for. I feel reassured that there are quality young chefs coming into the industry. The future is bright for them and they are open to ideas and up for the culinary challenge.

See for yourself, the food festival calendar is crammed full in Yorkshire with so many to choose from it is easy to get your taste buds active!

Our farm shops and garden centres are really going great guns. In Yorkshire they sell what they believe in and in many cases have reared or grown the produce.

What about grabbing a quick bite? Street food in Yorkshire is rocking we have some great vendors producing amazing things in tiny spaces.

It’s all about the kids- even our school dinners in Yorkshire have been through the ringer and come out the other side – better for it if you ask me.


So what is the hot gossip in the food world? We hear about Richard Smith and Jack Baker opening up in Sheffield, sounds like a great idea. Other new places to watch out for; Marmadukes in York with Adam Jackson, formerly of The Park and opening soon, The Black Swan at Olstead, and Rattle Owl a new restaurant to open in York.

Hopefully will have some fresh gossip from my next meals out looking forward to visiting The Dunsforth a country pub out of the way and with a great Chef Paul Cunliffe.

I am also going to The Man behind the Curtain in Leeds this March I have eaten Michael O’Hare’s food before and really enjoyed it  – best get in before he gets his TV debut soon!

In the words of my young nephew “It is not all about food Aunty Steph”

Oh yes it is…

Steph Moon x

About The Author

Stephanie is a recognised figure on the Yorkshire food scene and has many accolades to her credit. She is passionate about all things Yorkshire - especially its food. As well as being a regular demonstrator at food shows, Stephanie has also made appearances on both radio and television

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