TWO stars of the Leeds food scene have won through to the semifinal of top television show Bake Off Creme de La Creme.

Stefan Rose, head pastry chef at Crafthouse and Angelica, and Stephen Trigg, co-founder of Leeds-based Lauden Chocolates, appeared on ‘Bake Off Creme de la Creme’ on BBC Two on Tuesday night.

Stefan said on Twitter: “Wow – what a show!
“Really excited for my appearance.”

Stephen, who lives in central Leeds, and who established the chocolate business he runs with his wife, from their apartment in 2008, put the team forward for inclusion and has been feeling the pressure. He said: “It was only once I’d submitted our application and it was accepted that I stopped to realise what I had done. I had just put myself up there with the best of the best in the pastry world, alongside truly respected industry professionals…and up until 2 years ago I still worked in IT…! Suddenly the pressure was immense and my sense of responsibility for not letting the team down, and for showcasing Leeds talents to the max, really hit me.”

image (1)Within the re-worked dessert challenge Stephen used one of Lauden chocolate’s new bars and was nervous to get the judges reaction, as the flavours are rich and he registers that taste is extremely subjective but he’s excited to highlight how diverse chocolate can be, as part of his mission to help the UK discover more of their tastebuds capabilities. Stephen believes the chocolate industry is going through a revolution as the consumer starts to recognise and look for fine tasting chocolates, with character, depth and lasting taste and he believes that much like a good quality bottle of wine, once you have tasted the finest you cannot go back.

The teams were tasked with creating fruit tarts, coconut dacquoises and cubed cakes, as well as a ‘showpiece’ with a reinvented chocolate cheesecake recipe.

Stefan was also be joined by Nelson Barros Sa – executive pastry chef at Galvin restaurants. After some of the harshest judges seen in the competition hosted by Michelin chef Tom Kerridge, Stephen’s team won through to the semi finals in two weeks time

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