A street food festival with no weather worries - Gill Bruce drops in at the March Belgrave Feast

Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen brought the outside in again, with their March ‘Belgrave Feast’: a concisely-curated street food festival that was heaving from the get-go.

The ground floor was lined with vendors, their hot plates exuding the type of delicious smell that makes it impossible to buy just one thing (tip – turn accompanying friends or family into a tactical food buying team at this point for optimal feasting).

Leeds’ own Caribbean Café produced a fine jerk chicken, doused in a nicely-crafted hot sauce that twerked the tastebuds, without actually killing them. One to try again sometime from their Kirkgate Market stall, hopefully with an ice-cold Red Stripe.

Another highlight was Birmingham-based Caribou Poutine, who gave us hand-cut chips and a gloriously sinful menu of toppings. The ‘Sour Trotter’ used bacon, sour cream and chives on top of chips, homemade gravy and curds proudly described as the ‘lovechild of halloumi and mozzarella’. There were plenty of people sat around the canteen tables, diligently twirling cheesy strings out of their takeaway boxes. This is Yorkshire after all, where cheesy chips reign supreme.

Belgrave’s resident burger-meisters Patty Smith’s were busy, as were The Dough Boys. Their pizza base is light enough to probably make an Italian Grandma weep – do grab a slice if passing.

On the floor above, the Tykes’ area and retro gaming amused the kids whilst the parents had a sly drink (for we are humans too). On the roof terrace, the sun had come out and drinkers squished together to enjoy the first mild day in a while. Now to just drag all the street food stalls up here, crank the music and pretend it’s finally summer.

About The Author

Gill Bruce is a Yorkshire-based writer, who has worked in food, travel and music journalism since university. She has been a staff writer for Travelzoo Europe, Gigwise Magazine and the Manchester Food and Drink Festival. Gill lives in Harrogate with her husband and two young sons.

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