Leeds is fortunate to be able to boast some fabulous Italian eateries, both in the city centre and a bit further out in the suburbs.

Salvo’s Restaurant and Salumeria, Headingley

Salvo's and the Salvo's Salumeria with John & Gip L-R John Dammone and Gip Dammone, owners of Salvo's restaurant in Leeds

Salvo’s do everything you’d expect from a great Italian with a long and fine reputation, but they also go the extra mile in unexpected ways.

They offer wonderful gluten free options that don’t compromise on taste and host fantastic regional dinners in their Salumeria.

Whether you’re going out on a date, wanting a foodie feast from a new region of Italy you hadn’t previously heard about, or just want to sit back and have a catch up with friends, Salvo’s is the perfect option for all types of diners.

Just make sure you get a cab to avoid the Headingley parking nightmare!




Divino, Adel


Divino is tucked away on the Otley Road in Adel. Although not the most accessible option for Leeds city centre-dwellers, the seafood pasta dishes at Divino merit the journey up to North Leeds.

This is an Italian restaurant where you can bring your whole family and feel very welcome, with great service not at all tainted by an atmosphere of pretension.





Ecco Pizzeria, Headingley

060514 Chef Filippo Abignemte cooking some aubergines at ecco Pizzeria on Otley Road at Headingley in Leeds. (GL100320e) For Little Oliver

One of the newer Italian eateries in Leeds, Ecco has dedicated itself to giving diners an authentic pizza experience.

With the focus almost solely on creamy gelato and Neapolitan pizza, it really is worth a visit to this tiny restaurant in Headingley!

The fact that the best dish they offer is the simplest (the Margherita Ecco) shows the extent to which the focus is on flavour and not on being fancy.

Meanwhile, creamy, tasty and delicious, the gelato is the best in Leeds (the cookies and cream flavour puts some well-known brands equivalents to shame).

Do you have another favourite? Then why not tell us about it?

Article courtesy of WOW247 and Kyle Green, owner of the Leeds Foodie blog.

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