Everybody loves ice cream, whether its a 99p Mr Whippy from your local ice cream van, a healthy frozen yoghurt or a posh gourmet flavour.

In a recent poll conducted by Travel Republic, 74% of people said the food they enjoy most on holiday is ice cream. But how much do you really know about ice cream?

We will take a tour of ice cream around the world. You will be amazed at some of the facts!


Many countries have claimed to be the masterminds behind the frozen treat, but it is China who invented the original concoction in 200 BC. Rumour has it that it was Marco Polo who brought
it back and introduced it to the Italians.


The worlds tallest ice cream cone was made in Norway. It measured over 3 metres tall and made its way into the Guinness Book of records. The cone itself weighed almost a tonne.


Surprise, surprise, the most expensive ice cream is located in Dubai. It is home to an ice-cream made of the finest vanilla, saffron and back truffle. Topped with 23 carat gold and served in a Versace bowl, one single scoop will cost you £530!


Italy is home to the traditional gelato. What makes traditional Italian ice cream different is that it contains less milk fat and is churned differently, making it a thicker tastier treat. A Sicilian tradition is to kick start your day with a brioche bun filled with ice-cream!


India is home to Kulfi ice cream which strikes a similarity to the UK’s frozen custard. It can be traced back all the way to the Mughal Empire.


England is known for its clotted cream ice cream. It has a high fat content and a velvety texture. It’s a rich dessert that is best paired with a cup of your favourite tea.


Japan has a particularly special delicacy of saury ice cream, otherwise known as fish-flavoured ice cream. This saltwater fish is drowned in brandy to mask the potent scent. It’s an incredibly popular flavour.


In the Philippines, crocodile egg ice cream was introduced. Instead of using chicken eggs to make ice cream, they use crocodile eggs. It’s proving very popular.


The national treasure of the bright pink ice lolly covered in biscuit crumbs was born in Ireland. It is much like Marmite – you will either love it or hate it!


Spain is home to the very special Turron ice cream. It plays a major role in their Christmas meal and is made from ground almonds and honey.


Malta is known for their cinnamon ice cream and is served at weddings. The dessert to make the church bells ring and taste buds sing.


Australia gave birth to glow in the dark ice cream. Liquid nitrogen ice cream comes in three fluorescent flavours.


America opt for a healthier alternative, using regular milk instead of cream to create frozen yoghurt. It comes in almost any flavour imaginable.


Instead of cream, people from Alaska use animal fat instead to create this classic local delicacy. They add berries for flavouring.


Venezuela is home to an ice cream shop which holds the world record for serving the most ice cream flavours in one store. There are 860 different flavours of ice cream on offer.

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