More people than ever are choosing to ditch meat for a plant-based diet, meaning vegans are no longer faced with just one option at restaurants and cafes. 

Check out some of the best vegan eateries you can find across Yorkshire for a meal good enough to fool even the most dedicated of carnivores.

Once across the garden, York 

Once Across the garden, a Vegan Restaurant in York

This one’s for the vegans that still love to indulge from from time to time. Expect tasty menu items like burgers and fried “chicken” alongside sweet treats and some healthier options for those watching their diet.

Humblest of Pleasures

Sweet treats at Humble Pleasures Cafe in Hebden Bridge

This all-vegan cafe serves a full breakfast menu as well as a mouth-watering lunch menu featuring options like jackfruit, bean burgers and kale mac ‘n cheese. You’ll also find a wide selection of sweet treats on offer.

Roots and Fruits, Leeds

Roots and Fruits Restaurant in Leeds

At this vegan street food kitchen in Leeds, you’ll find everything from Greek gyros to vegan parmesan crisps and vegan ribs made out of Seitan.

Make No Bones, Sheffield 

A burrito at Make No Bones restaurant in Sheffield

At this vegan street food kitchen, you’ll find everything from Greek gyros to vegan parmesan crisps and vegan ribs made out of Seitan.

The Greenhouse Eatery, Doncaster

Poutine at The Greenhouse Eatery in Doncaster

The Greenhouse Eatery is a great option for vegans in Doncaster, which is a little thin on offerings for a plant-based diets. This family-run restaurant serves up delicious classics like burgers and fries to keep you full and happy.

Hitchcock’s, Hull

Food at Hitchcock's Restaurant in Hull

Hitchcock’s is a vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurant with a twist: the first person to book for the night gets to choose the cuisine on offer, be it Greek, Indian or Chinese. Call ahead to enquire about vegan options.

Goji, York 

Goji, York

While Goji isn’t an all-vegan cafe, it has plenty of varied options for those on a plant-based diets, including burritos, breakfast items and burgers. it also has a gorgeous outdoor patio for al fresco dining on a sunny day.

Humpit, Leeds, Sheffield, York

Food from Humpit, a popular restaurant chain in Yorkshire

The clue’s in the name with this one – “humpit” is a hummus and pita bar that just keeps growing in popularity, with branches now in York, Sheffield and Leeds. Head here for a reasonably-priced, filling lunch or dinner.

Prashad, Bradford

A curry from Prashad restaurant in Bradford

Curry fans rejoice! Prashad in Bradford prides itself on “surprising meat eaters” with its delicious array of vegetarian and vegan-friendly Indian cuisine. They also serve food which is suitable for people who are gluten free.

Cantina, Leeds

Cantina restaurant in Leeds

Cantina is Leeds’ first all-vegan eatery and combines a rotating menu of classic diner munch and restaurant inspired specials with events and charity cook-ups. Food is filling and delicious all year round.

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