Saturday, 11th July 2015, 10:00 AM - Saturday, 11th July 2015, 00:00 AM

Bridlington will be celebrating their annual Bridlington Seafood Festival in July.

Organised by the Bridlington Harbour Commissioners, the festival showcases the best of Bridlington Harbour in celebration of the towns local maritime heritage and successful fishing fleet.

Bridlington is home to the largest shellfish catching fleet in the country.

The Bridlington shellfish fleet has seen significant growth in recent years and Yorkshire coast crabs and lobster are highly prized in Europe, where most of them are sold.

Bridlington seafood festivalThe event will take place at Bridlington Harbour  and showcase the towns locally caught seafood.

The festival will honour Bridlington’s position as the most successful lobster fishery in Europe and will also have a fireworks spectacular at night.

The event will feature some of the area’s finest seafood suppliers and chefs, who will demonstrate the excellent quality of the local seafood product.

Events on the day will also include local singing and theatrical groups, a bar run by Rags Restaurant, a range of children’s entertainment and activities, along with displays from local charities and organisations.

And the festival will provide an opportunity for the public to view plans for the new Bridlington Maritime Trail and Dr Robb Robinson, a local historian, will give talks on the history of the harbour.

It is also expected that visitors will be able to view various vessels, including the North Eastern Guardian fisheries protection vessel, the recently restored Three Brothers sailing coble and The Huntress research vessel.

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