Start the new year by testing your knowledge  with Christine Austin's Fiendish Wine Quiz.

The top prize this year wine quiz  is a trip to the historic and beautiful city of Jerez in Spain, courtesy of Gonzalez Byass who have been making top quality sherry for 180 years.

The winner and a companion will fly to Spain and travel to Jerez, home of sherry where they will be guests of Gonzalez Byass who produce Tio Pepe and several other top award-winning wines. There will be visits to vineyards and bodegas, and there will be plenty of tasting too. I will accompany the trip. Flights from a UK airport, two nights accommodation and all meals in Spain are included. We will need to arrange a mutually convenient time for the trip, avoiding peak holiday times and the trip must be taken by the end of June 2016. Before the flight you will need to get yourselves to the designated airport which may be local but could be as far as a London airport, depending on flight availability.

For two runners up there is a copy of the best wine book this year, The Oxford Companion to Wine (Fourth Edition) edited by Jancis Robinson and Julia Harding.

As always, you may use any means at your disposal to get to the right answers, including pestering your local wine merchant. Most of the people behind the counters of our wine shops, particularly independents, are bristling with wine qualifications and they are an invaluable source of up-to-the-minute information although it might be polite to buy a bottle of something from them while you are waiting for the answers.

This quiz is not open to anyone in the wine trade and that includes wine lecturers who should concentrate on helping their students win.

I have decided to allow entries on plain paper, however I shall need your name and address in your own handwriting on your entry sheet. If you have a copy of the newspaper then, as usual, please tick the right answers and send me the whole page. Emailed entries will be ignored. Only one entry per household is allowed and any multiple entries will be discarded.

All correct entries will go into Grapevine’s giant ice bucket and the winner will be chosen at random. There is no cash alternative to any of the prizes.
I will mark all the entries and no arguing will be allowed, although I welcome the customary nit-picking and point-scoring from regular readers which relieves the tedium of marking the entries.

Send to: Sarah Freeman, Features Department, Yorkshire Post, No. 1 Leeds, 26 Whitehall Road, Leeds LS12 1BE to arrive no later than Friday, January 22 2016.

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In 1835 who founded the company that became González Byass?
a) Manuel María González Angel

b) José González Byass

c) José Angel de la Pena

2) Who was Tio Pepe?

a) The longest serving worker in the winery

b) The favourite son of the founder

c) The uncle of the founder

3) What connection did Robert Blake Byass have to the company?

His daughter married Manuel González Angel

He was the English agent for the wines

He bought the company in 1855

4) Which grape variety is Tio Pepe made from?

a) Amontillado

b) Palomino Fino

c) Torrontés

5) All sherry is aged in a solera – what is a solera?

a) A system of blending and ageing wine

b) Large wooden barrels, kept in the sun

c) A granite tank with heating coils

6) On average, how old are the wines in Del Duque, Amontillado Muy Viejo

a) 10 years

b) 15 years

c) More than 30 years

7) In Madrid’s Puerta del Sol there is a famous neon Tio Pepe sign. When was it first erected?

a) 1918

b) 1936

c) 1978

8) What is the name of the white chalky soil around Jerez?

a) Schist

b) Loess

c) Albariza

9) Which of these is the only DOCG wine from Basilicata?

a) Grottino di Roccanova

b) Matera

c) Aglianico del Vulture

10) You have been given a Jereboam of champagne. How many bottles-worth of champagne does this contain?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 8

11) What is the main grape of Saumur-Champigny?

a) Cabernet Franc

b) Gamay

c) Syrah

12) Spot the odd one out

a) Bobal

b) Mencía

c) Merseguera

d) Tintilla de Rota

e) Trepat

13) Champagne house Taittinger has bought 69 hectares of land in Kent to plant vines. What are they planning to call the estate?

a) Kentish Sparkle

b) Taittinger Anglais

c) Domaine Evremond

14) Arrange these wineries from north to south

a) Dry River

b) Mission Estate

c) Mount Edward

d) Pegasus Bay

e) Seresin

15) Who is the winemaker of Vin de Constance?

16) Which of these grapes is a crossing (C) and which is a hybrid (H)

a) Maréchal Foch

b) Müller-Thurgau

c) Pinotage

d) Rondo

e) Seyval Blanc

17) Number these countries 1 – 5, in order of wine production, starting with the largest

a) Argentina

b) Australia

c) Brazil

d) Italy

e) Portugal

18) One of the Brown Bothers winemakers trained as a pharmacist and worked at York Hospital in 1998 and 1999. What is his name?

a) Geoff Alexander

b) Cate Looney

c) Joel Tilbrook

d) Tom Wallace

19) Spot the odd one out

a) Cheval des Andes

b) Cloudy Bay

c) Domaine Carneros

d) Newton Vineyard

20) How would you get from Le Vieux Pin to Château des Charmes?

a) Drive 10 km south

b) Head east 4000 km

c) Walk across the road

21) Which grape variety was brought to Chile in the 16th century by missionaries?

a) Cabernet Sauvignon

b) País

c) Pedro Ximénez

22) What is the grape in Leithaberg DAC red wine?

a) Blaufränkisch

b) Pinot Noir

c) Spätburgunder

23) Cockburns port has a home Quinta in the Douro. What is its name?

a) Quinta do Bomfim

b) Quinta dos Canais

c) Quinta do Vesúvio

24) Match the celebrity to his/her wine

Celebrities: Sting, David Ginola, AC/DC, Mich Hucknall, Donald Trump

Wine: Il Cantante, Trump winery, Tenuta il Palagio, Warburn Estate, Costa Brulade

25) When were the oldest vines on Hill of Grace planted?

a) 1815

b) 1860

c) 1900

wine quiz126) The Anatolian Shepherd dog in our picture lives on Springfield Estate. What is his name?

27) Which Australian producer has planted Assyrtiko grapes?

a) Jim Barry

b) Peter Lehmann

c) Shaw and Smith

28) Who first planted vines in Margaret River in the 1960s?

a) David Hohnen

b) Dr Tom Cullity

c) Thomas Vasse

29) When might a winery use concrete eggs?

a) To keep deer away from the vines

b) To give body to the wine

c) As fermentation vessels

d) As a good luck symbol

30) Great Uncle George has left his entire cellar to Little George. Which one bottle can be sold to fund Little George’s expensive school fees for several years and which one won’t cover the cost of his new school blazer?

a) Penfolds 2004 Kalimna Block 42 Cabernet Sauvignon Ampoule

b) Romanée Conti DRC 1995

c) Petrus 1982

d) Sassicaia 1995

e) Screaming Eagle 1990

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