There’s nothing pretentious about The Beverley Inn, Edenthorpe. Just good service to the customer.

Pub of the week: The Beverley Inn, Edenthorpe
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There is absolutely no indication why this fairly modern pub – on a main road betwixt Thorne and Doncaster – should have been called The Beverley. It is nowhere near the town of the same name, it does not carry the coat of arms of the Beverley family. Whatever the origin, it is a no-nonsense kind of place with a decent selection of cask conditioned guest ales, including the ubiquitous Black Sheep. It was, however, very nicely kept, and an unwanted head on it was quickly removed with good grace. The wine list isn’t vast, but it is sensible good value.
Children are welcomed at this family-friendly pub where decor is minimalist, but there is plenty of parking space and, in better weather, a wide decking for those who want to have their liquid refreshment outdoors.
It could, perhaps, do with a bit more light, and a few splashes of colour, but if you need a stopping off point that is clean, efficiently run, and which says “Take us or leave us, but we are what we are”, then this is a good enough place in which to dally for a pint or two.
Service, by the way, is spot on – tables are cleared and cleaned and everything made sparkling again within an instant. Not in an in-your-face way, but with a little flourish of good service.
There’s nothing pretentious about The Beverley. Just good service to the customer.

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