For decades, station buffets were the butt of jokes. Tepid beer, curling sandwiches and stale pork pies, currant buns and surly staff. Not at the Draughtsman on Doncaster Station

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In this county the folk behind the ‘Tap’ pubs at Sheffield, York and Harrogate have spearheaded the change. Now we can welcome a new outlet, only recently opened, and neatly situated between platforms at Doncaster.
It came about when CAMRA member and real ale fan Russ Thompson was standing on the other side of the tracks discussing the lack of a good beer outlet. Russ looked across the line, and saw a “To Lease” sign.
He returned and found a space that had potential. It took a lot of negotiation and determination to secure planning permissions, but Russ is not a quitter.
The space is about the same size as your average front room. The bar is set into a corner, there are at least three hand-pulled beers and many more craft bottled ones, a remarkable selection of gins and a good selection of snacks.
Seating indoors is kept simple – two small banquettes by the door, and some small stools near to a wood-burning stove. Cleverly designed table shelves fixed permanently to the walls opposite, with a pair of tall stools for each. There are no loos but the station facilities are right next door.
The bar has its own charm and it richly deserves three very hearty cheers.
The Draughtsman, Platform 3b, Doncaster, DN1 1PE. No listed telephone number at time of writing.

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