There are few sights that are more inviting, on a bracingly raw, rain-spotted day, than the open door of a well-kept pub like The British Oak

Pub of the Week: The British Oak
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Listen closely and you can almost hear it whispering you to come in. And so it was with the Oak, which is set on the Sheffield to Chesterfield road, on a steep hill out of the city.
It’s a bit like the Tardis, is the Oak. It looks as if it might have one or two bars, but in fact it has several, a sort of endearing higgledy-piggledy many-levelled interior, all panelled in warm wood. There is wheelchair and disabled access, but this is via the rear car park.
The pub has kept a cosy ambience that makes it rather special.
The walls boast sepia scenes and photographs and there is a good and very well-thought through menu – the pies here are home-cooked and highly regarded.
For myself, a plate of tender lamb’s liver, on a bed of lovely mash and with roasted beets, put back a welcome glow. It was also delicious. Portions here are generous. Add to that a couple of pints of a perfectly poured Blonde, from the estimable True North Brewery and all was well with the world.
The place is unpretentious, but is setting high standards. Here we have a stonkingly good example of what a proper pub should be.
The customer is what matters. We expect a lot from our locals these days, and it has to be said that The Oak delivers. Hands down.
The British Oak, 1, Mosborough Moor, Mosborough, Sheffield S20 5AY. 0114 248 6442.

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