What fun to be able to your partner: “I’ll be out of contact for a few hours. I’m going to the Museum.” There’s them thinking what a culture vulture you are when, in fact, you are headed for one of Sheffield’s more agreeable pubs.

Pub of the Week: The Museum
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It’s a curious little place, half-tucked away with a snicket that heads toward the cathedral on one side, and a shopping precinct on t’other.
In a fairly recent refurbishment, the interior has been given a whimsical makeover and is full of eclectic odds and ends. Where they are sourced from, heaven alone knows, but it’s a fun way to give the place a little of its own “museumy” character. Regulars love the place, and you can see why, because the bar staff really do seem to go the extra mile.
Ask about a particular beer and you will cheerfully be provided with a taster. There are Greene King products aplenty, but also a good range of rotating guest ales. There are some gents of a certain age who come here to sit and have a think, over in the corner another group were having a reunion and two young women had obviously been having fun flashing the plastic in the local shops. It’s just what a good pub should be – a nice mix of equally nice people.
On a rather raw day, a huge baked potato with an extremely ample filling more than warmed the cockles.
The rest of the menu caters for all pockets and appetites. Proper pub grub and enough choice to keep everyone contented. There are social events (such as a quiz night), and the Museum seems to love its clientele. The management have it pretty much right.
The Museum, 25, Orchard Square, Sheffield, S1 2FB. 0114 275 5016.

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