Small is Bountiful

No matter how organised you might be with your weekly shop or delivery there are times when everyone runs out of something.  It might be milk, eggs or, worst of all, wine.  That’s when you might think off...

Top of the Pops

It has been tasting season again when I have to sniff, swirl and spit my way through around 1000 wines in a very few days, making notes on the good ones and turning up my nose at others. This week the focus...

Pub of the week: The Crown, Middlesmoor

I am not sure what surprised me more on an unexpected afternoon in the Dales, that we landed high up at Middlesmoor in Upper Nidderdale and discovered one of the best “proper” pubs in a long time or hearing someone in the bar of the Crown Hotel say in a no-nonsense Yorkshire way: “Well, I’ll go t’ foot of our stairs.”