The fingerprints of The Beautiful South are currently all over the northern pub trade and now The People's Republic in Hull has joined the fray

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The fingerprints of The Beautiful South are currently all over the northern pub trade. Singer Paul Heaton owns a fabulous boozer called the King’s Arms in Salford, drummer Dave Stead has a finger in several pub and restaurant projects in Hull and now guitarist and songwriter Dave Rotheray has joined the fray.

Last year, he started The Board Room on Newland Ave in Hull, a café where you can sit, drink and play board games and now – on the same street – he has opened The People’s Republic.

With the the emphasis on the ‘pub’ in ‘republic’, the bar serves world beers, vintage snacks and plays world music from proper records on a proper turntable. The furniture is all 60s retro and there is even a table-top Space Invaders machine.

There is a great choice of intriguing beers from the UK, US, Asia, Africa and Europe – some on draught, some in bottles – as well as classic and unusual spirits. Some, such as Pogues Whisky and Motörhead vodka, have a musical theme and room has even been made for Scotland’s ruin AKA Buckfast wine.

Food is deliberately restricted to the sort of crisps we all grew up with. There is Worcester sauce French Fries or scampi & lemon Nik Naks or pickled onion Monster Munch. You get the idea.

Much as The Beautiful South did, the People’s Republic is setting out to do something familiar but deliberately obtuse. It does things its own way and if you play along you’ll have a great time.

The People’s Republic, 112 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 3AA,

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